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At Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™, we’re all about making things convenient for you.
That’s why we offer free estimates over the phone. To get started, you’ll need to have a good idea of your garage door’s size.
And remember, we always measure for accuracy.
So, you can call in, get a free quote, and then we will arrive at your home to take our final measurements for accuracy prior to the installation date.
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How to Measure for a New Garage Door 

Garage Door Dreams? Make Them Come True!

We take the time to find your style, educate you on the right products, and walk you through the installation process. 

We invite you into our showroom if you’d like a more hands-on approach.

Choose from our many Overhead Door™ Brand garage door collections.

Tough. Dependable. Long-Lasting. Few doors in your home get more use than the one on your garage — it truly is the biggest door in your house. More than any other door, a residential garage door needs to work dependably and stand up to the elements for years on end. A new residential garage door has the ability to increase energy efficiency while increasing curb appeal.

Overhead Door Company of Huntsville™ has been a trusted garage door supplier and installer of residential garage doors to homeowners and homebuilders alike in North Alabama for over 55+ years.

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Design your Door.

Curious how your door will look on your home? Use our Design Your Door tool to visualize your new garage door!

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Steps to Buying a New Garage Door

A garage door isn’t something homeowners buy very often, so you may not know how to approach the process.

You shouldn’t feel rushed or pressured when it comes to the garage door buying and installation process. In addition to playing a major role in the overall appeal of your home’s appearance, your new garage door will also significantly impact the energy efficiency and overall value of your home. To help you ensure you choose the perfect garage door for your home, we’ve created a process that puts your comfort and peace of mind first.

How It Works

Determine the size of the garage door you need.

Garage doors are available in a variety of sizes, and one of the first things you will normally be asked when shopping for a new door is whether or not you need a single or a double garage door and what size of door you need. Will you need two single doors, a double door, or a combination of a single and a double for a three-car garage? How many vehicles are you going to park inside the garage, and how big are they?

If you are replacing your door, do not assume it is a standard size because there are many exceptions. Don’t worry, after you’ve selected a door, a member of our installation team will visit your home to determine your concerns, assess your space, take measurements, and make recommendations based on any lasting questions.

If you are uncertain of your garage door size and would like to be certain before you begin the selection process, please contact our office to schedule an appointment for us to visit your home. Our installer will take measurements, and note any allowances that need to be made. Confirm there is nothing unusual about the installation and if necessary, measure for custom sizes.

View – “How to Measure for a Garage Door”

Man calculating the measurements on his garage door before deciding which new garage door he wants installed from Overhead Door. He is a white male with a calculator and a messy desk with house plans, pencils and rulers scattered everywhere.

Determine if the door needs to be insulated or not.

These days garages are used for far more than just storage – we also use them for social gathering places and workplaces. With this in mind, we recommend insulated doors, especially if the garage is adjacent to/below a living area in the home.

Sturdiness –  A non-insulated door typically has a steel front with a hollowed interior while the insulated door has an additional interior steel layer with insulation in between the layers, which makes the insulated door sturdier than its non-insulated counterpart.

Temperature –  We normally see insulated doors in homes with insulated garage walls, which all together levels out the temperature in the garage. They help keep your garage and home warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months, and if you have an attached garage, that can translate into hundreds of dollars in energy savings. If your garage is attached to the house, your best bet is to purchase an insulated door, especially if there’s an occupied room above the garage. It will help reduce both noise and utility bills. Also, consider the direction your door faces. If it’s in full sun all day or a huge amount of wind, an insulated door will better regulate the temperature inside.

 View – “How to Keep Your Garage Cooler” 

A beautiful white garage door recently installed on a home in North Alabama by Overhead Door Company of Huntsville™. The southern setting is surrounded by beautiful landscape with trees and shrubs.

Determine the style of the door.

Spend time on this website looking at our different product lines of garage doors. Take a look around your neighborhood at houses that have similar looks to your own. What styles are you drawn to?

  • Material
  • Type of Door
  • Color of Door
  • Windows or Solid
Lady with her hands up visualizing a new garage door as her husband smiles next to her. They are in the middle of a home remodel and are sitting in a white room with paint cans.

Schedule an appointment.

Visit our showroom or give us a call with any of your questions. A trip to our showroom is not always necessary but always an encouraging choice.



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Select a garage door opener for your new garage door.

Once you have selected the best garage door for your needs and budget, the next item to decide on is how you will want to open and close the door. You can either open and close it manually or have it opened and closed for you by an electric garage door opener. There is a lot of information to consider when choosing a garage door opener. For information on garage door openers, please see our “Garage Door Openers” page. Buying a garage door opener is a separate purchase and is not included in the price of a new garage door.

View Our About Garage Door Openers Page 

We will then present you with a sales contract detailing all of your final decisions on your garage door purchase.

The cost of the garage door and opener includes installation.

A group of architects meeting with the team from Overhead Door Company of Huntsville to discuss new garage doors to be installed. There are two men and two women seated around an rectangular table with bright light streaming in from the windows.


We schedule a time for your installation. If your doors are not in-stock, or if you are purchasing a custom door,  we will order your doors and schedule a rough estimate for your new garage door installation. Once your door arrives at our warehouse, we will quickly call you to schedule your custom installation by our certified technicians.

Please feel free to contact us along the way with any questions you might have.

View Our New Garage Door Installation Page 

Commercial Service Technician organizing his tools for Overhead Door of Huntsville before installing a new garage door and operator at an Industrial plant.

Buying a new garage door from us?

About Residential Garage Doors

About Residential Garage Doors

A Little About Us

Design and construction professionals specify Overhead Door™ products more often than any other brand.

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, you have a lot of choices. As with any home improvement purchase or new construction investment,  it’s important to choose the right brand. The Overhead Door™ Brand has been trusted for 100 years and provides an exclusive network of professional distributors and technicians who pride themselves on delivering superior products and expert service.

Overhead Door Corporation has had a presence in North Alabama since 1968. Locally owned and operated for more than 50+ years, Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™ has thousands of satisfied, repeat customers.

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