Overhead Door Company of Huntsville™ Technician discussing residential garage door repair services that are need for a garage door repair.

Full services on garage doors, springs and openers, including repairs in Huntsville Metro

Your Full-Service Garage Door Company

Whether you have a broken spring or cable, want to purchase a new garage operator, or need a whole new garage door, we are the garage door company for you. Offering service and repairs on all brands.



Offering full services on garage doors, springs and openers, including repairs and installations.

Maybe you did a “garage door repair” search and landed on this page looking for assistance with signs of a garage door on the verge of having larger issues.

If so, we are glad you found us!

Whether it be garage door installations, garage door repairs,  spring repairs or openers, these will always be services provided with honest prices and quality workmanship from our local and hourly paid team of skilled technicians.

We realize having your garage door repaired never happens at a time that works with your busy schedule. We try to make our service as painless and simple as possible. Most times we can get you back up and running the same day you call. Our trucks are fully stocked with replacement parts for just about every brand door and opener on the market today.

There is no comparison to having quality work done by people who strive to ensure customer satisfaction. At Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™, we believe that leading with authenticity and establishing a bond with our customers is key to adding value to our name and the Overhead Door™ brand.



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Our Residential Garage Door Services

Do these sound familiar?

 Your garage door won’t close all the way? Your garage door won’t open? The door is closing too quickly? Your garage door looks unbalanced? Rust on the springs? Can you see a broken spring?  Do you see a bent track? Your garage door opener is not working? Strange sounds when operating your garage door? 

Garage Door
Sales and Installations 

  • Free Estimates
  • Fully operational-showroom
  • Available color samples
  • In-stock and ready to install garage doors
  • Special order garage doors
  • New construction installations
  • Replace existing garage doors

Learn More About Our Garage Door Installations

A garage door service offered by Overhead Door Company of Huntsville. A beautiful new garage door Installation of a Carriage House Style door. Color is taupe with short windows at the top. This is a garage door service offered by Overhead Door Company of Huntsville.

Garage Door Repairs 

  • No matter the make or model
  • Garage door cable broken
  • Program Remote
  • Program Keypad
  • Garage door won’t open
  • Garage door won’t close
  • Repair off-track garage doors
  • Repair sagging garage doors
  • Broken garage door spring
  • Garage door panel replacements
  • High lift or low ceiling repairs
  • Replace weatherstripping
  • Backed into garage door repairs
  • Bent steel garage door components
  • Installation of wireless keypads

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A garage door service of a man working on garage door opener. This is a garage door service offered by Overhead Door Company of Huntsville. They service all brands of garage for openers.

to Cosmetic Issues

  • Repair off-track garage doors
  • Garage door roller replacements
  • Sticking rollers
  • Safety eye sensors
  • Snapped garage cables
  • Remote not working
  • Garage door noisy
  • Rollers are worn
  • New hinges
  • Weather stripping
  • Broken emergency release

Learn More About Our Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Technician going for a garage door repair service. One of the many services offered by Overhead Door Company of Huntsville. This is a male carrying a black tool box. Picture shown is from his waist down.

Garage Door Spring Repairs

  • Broken garage door spring replacements
  • Repair broken springs
  • Adjust spring tensions
  • Replace a broken spring
  • Install new springs
  • Convert Extension Spring to Torsion Springs
  • To read more about the causes of a broken spring – click to view. 

Learn More About Our Garage Door Spring Repairs 

Another one of the many services offered by Overhead Door. This is a garage door spring replacement service. A garage door torsion spring that needs to be repaired. This would require Overhead Door Company to come to your home to make the repair service.

Garage Door Opener
Sales and Installations 

  • In-stock ready to install openers
  • Huge selection of new garage door operators
  • In-stock and ready to install
  • Replacement of existing opener
  • Wi-Fi Opener Options

Learn More About Our Garage Door Operator Installations

Legacy 850-Model 2029 Garage Door Opener is a service that Overhead Door Company offers to its customers. This is one of the many services that Overhead Door offers at it's Madison, Alabama location.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

  • Replace door opener chains and cables
  • The opener runs but the door doesn’t move
  • We service all brands
  • Garage door opener is old
  • Garage door opener is not making a sound
  • Garage door stopped working

Learn More About Our Garage Door Opener Repairs 

Overhead Door offers many services, including garage door installations. Overhead Door Logo Truck with a Garage Door Installer and service technician standing by his truck in a nearby neighborhood in Huntsville, Alabama serving North Alabama Since 1968

We’ll Fix Your Garage Door and it’s Moving Parts Right the First Time

Overhead Door Company of Huntsville™  is your local expert for garage door repair and garage door replacement services. We are proud to be part of this community, and our mission is to make sure our neighbors throughout North Alabama have a garage door that is working safely and looks great too.

Since a garage door  relies on a complex system of parts connected to an electronic operator,  there are many things that might go wrong. In some cases, homeowners can identify the issue and resolve it without having to wait for a technician or pay for repairs. In other cases, there are larger problems, which might require repair or replacement of part of the garage door operating system.

On a daily basis, the average garage door opens and closes 3 to 5 times per day, approximately 1500 times per year. Many homeowners drive right into their attached garage and enter their home through their service door. No matter how you use your garage, convenience and safety are key. Not only does the garage door get the most use in a home, but it’s also the heaviest,  making it the most dangerous to use when not working properly.

Homeowners should always follow safety procedures when operating, testing, maintaining or repairing the door.

Being centrally located off I-565 in Madison means we can properly service Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur, Harvest, Hazel Green, and the surrounding Huntsville metro areas of North Alabama. 

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Overhead Door Company offers many garage doors services as shown on their website. A couple in their sixties sitting by a closed garage door looking at a laptop completing the contact form found on the Overhead Door Company of Huntsville website. They are smiling because of the easy convenience of this form to schedule their garage door service.

Before You Begin

There are two important aspects of safety related to garage door repairs we want you to know about.

  1. The security of your home.
  2. The dangers of DIY garage door repairs.

Your garage door can be your primary point of entry to your home. It’s a barrier against security breaches, harsh and changing weather, and even wandering animals like snakes,  opossums, skunks and the occasional visiting neighboring dog out for a night of destructive fun. Even if you have a detached garage, a malfunctioning door can leave you open to theft of bicycles, tools, or vehicles.

We also want you to know that many garage door repairs are not projects you should try to take on yourself. You can easily replace the batteries in your remote control for your garage door opener, and you can also clean off the electric eye sensors and make sure they’re aligned, but beyond that you should call in professional help.

If you notice a garage door issue today, it could foreshadow a more expensive and larger problem in the near future. It is important that you call a team like Overhead Door Company™ to replace minor parts after normal wear and tear.

Review the troubleshooting guide, but keep in mind many of the cables and springs that are part of your garage door opening system are under a lot of tension, and if they snap while you’re working on them, serious bodily injuries and damage to existing working garage door components could occur. The same goes for trying to get a garage back on its track if it has come off the rails. Let Overhead Door of Huntsville™ take care of all of your garage door service and repairs for you.

Your issue is a challenge we’d love to tackle for you. We’re in the neighborhood with just one phone call away!

Visit Our Troubleshooting Page to Learn More 

A male and female couple looking at an iPad trying to decide on a garage door Company for a service on their garage door. The couple is smiling because they see many services that are they are interested in.

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 Testimonials… from people like you!

“Thank you Overhead Door™ for taking the time to advise me on the condition of my garage door opener, and all of my options. I’d had other companies to come make repairs only to return a month or two later to repair again. This was becoming costly.  You were a fantastic company to work with.  I purchased a new garage door operator from you and it works beautifully. You had the opener in-stock and on your truck. Thanks again for making this process so easy. I appreciate all of the garage door products and services that you offer.” 


Johnathon S.    
Huntsville, Alabama
Garage Door Operator Installation 


“Overhead Door Company of Huntsville™  has always been my go to garage repair company.  This time I noticed several companies using the “overhead door” name, but I knew to look for the RED BANNER LOGO. I remember reading the history of your garage door company years ago, so these other companies didn’t have a chance of convincing me otherwise.  An established history means a great deal to me when it comes to my garage door. These can be dangerous systems, and a dependable local company is what I want. Every time I have used Overhead Door they have been able to provide same day service. They are quick, professional, and charge a fair price. What drove me to this review today, was we had a spring break and basically our van was “trapped” in our garage. I called around 7am and they got out to my home by 9:30am. The technician was on top of it, and got us fixed in just under 1/2 an hour. Quick and efficient. Solid company, solid employees. Highly recommend.”


Fred and Hazel R.   
Hazelgreen, Alabama
Garage Door Spring Repair  


“Overhead Door was on time and very professional! Your technician took the time to correct the sensors on my garage doors even though the controllers were a little older and harder to program. I highly recommend  this company!”


Paul J.  
Madison, Alabama
Garage Door Sensor Repair  


“We had a spring break on our garage door and Overhead Door arrived the next morning to complete the job before I needed to make special arrangements to pick my sister up from the airport. Both your technician  & Overhead were professional and quick. I would definitely recommend and use them again. It was very helpful to have all the choices I need for services from one company.”


Dwight W.
Huntsville, Alabama
Garage Door Spring Repair 


“The employee that answered the phone was helpful and scheduled me for same day repair of my garage door spring. Your company did the work quickly and was gone in 30-45 minutes. I’ve always been happy with the service, cost and honesty from your company. I was charged what I was quoted. No up-selling was involved.  I will call you again when needed.” 


Barry T. 
Huntsville, Alabama
Garage Door Spring Repair 


“The best garage door company in North Alabama! We are so pleased we called you for our garage door opener repair. Your technician was nothing but professional from the moment he arrived at our home. The work was complete and my garage door working smoothly 30 minutes after he arrived. Thank you.”


John and Sarah K. 
Decatur, Alabama
Garage Door Opener Repair 


“Excellent service from a garage door company my family has used for three generations now! I called today to have a garage door spring replaced. The serviceman did a fantastic job at explaining to me exactly what he was doing. I always recommend this company.”


Gerald M.
Madison, Alabama
Garage Door Spring Replacement 


“Today could have been a disaster for me. My garage door opener stopped working this morning. I called and spoke with a friendly person on the phone. She knew what was wrong when I explained the symptoms of my garage door. I scheduled an appointment for the same day service. They did a great job! Overhead Door added another happy customer to their list. Thank you.”


Pamela H.
Huntsville, Alabama
Garage Door Repair Service 


“We had a new garage door and opener installed this morning. The two young men you sent to my home were outstanding. My wife and I were delighted with your company. We will refer to our friends and family.”


Jay and Trina L.
Huntsville, Alabama
New Garage Door Installed
New Garage Opener Installed
New Garage Keypad 


“Without a doubt the best customer service I could ask for. My garage door needed a repair and Overhead Door Company of Huntsville was fantastic to work with. Thank you for making something so dreadful for me – easy! Your services were fantastic and greatly appreciated.” 


Allison W.
Athens, Alabama
Garage Door Repair Services 


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