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Garage Door Opener Repair in Huntsville, Madison and surrounding North Alabama Metro Areas

Your Garage Door Opener Repair


Whether your opener isn’t working correctly or completely broken, our team can help.


Trust your garage door opener repair to the experts

We are ready to help you navigate the sometimes-confusing garage door opener repair process.

Nothing slows you down quite like issues with your garage door opener. At Overhead Door Company of Huntsville™, we respond quickly to garage door opener repair or service.  We only send employed full-time technicians to work in your home, never subcontractors. We believe that our own employees are in the best position to deliver on our promise of service excellence.

While you may think that your garage opener needs to be replaced, it may simply need a quick repair. Our technicians service models from Overhead Door™, Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and other major brands, and we can fix your problem right – the first time. For more information, contact us today.

Common Signs You Might Have a Broken Garage Door Opener In Need of Repair

  • Continued Motor Operation – Motor keeps running even after the door is open.
  • Automatic Door Reversal – The door begins to open again when it hits the ground or right before.
  • Limited Door Movement – Your garage door opens or closes only partially before getting stuck.
  • Unable to activate the opener using the remote or wall switch.
  • Your garage door randomly opening and closing means it likely requires a new door opener.
  • Lightning and power surges.
  • Chain or belt sagging.
  • Intermittence.
  • Noisy.
  • Wall-Button or remote not working.
  • Opener is blinking but does not move.
  • Door is making a humming sound but does not move.


Garage Door Opener: Repairing vs. Replacing

Any homeowner wants to get every ounce of value out of a garage door opener or other appliance. But you don’t always get that value through repair. Many times, a replacement garage door opener is more cost-effective than repairing an older model. 

Please contact our office directly for more information on garage door opener repairs versus replacing your garage door opener.

Key factors include the cost of repair, the nature of the repair, the age of the existing garage door opener, its expected lifespan, cost of replacement and more. Our team of full-time employee technicians can help diagnose your garage door opener problems and provide expert guidance as you consider your options for replacement or garage door opener repair in North Alabama. The right decision will vary by each homeowner. 

We pride ourselves on offering open and honest recommendations. This means we won’t guide you toward a replacement garage door opener unless that’s what’s best for you, your home and your garage. When you choose Overhead Door™, you can expect rapid response times and straightforward advice with no hidden costs.

If your garage door opener is over 15 years old, it most likely needs replacing if there are signs of operational issues. If you use the garage door opener  system excessively, it will probably have a lifespan closer to 10 years.

Regardless of what sort of garage door opener you have installed in your home, it isn’t going to last forever. Over a period of time, it’s not going to offer the performance you desire.  How often it is your opener used?  As most homes have attached garages, the garage door is used as one of the primary options for accessing the house. 

For more information about troubleshooting a garage door opener visit this article – Garage Door Opener Runs but the Door Won’t Open. 

How do you know if the new garage opener you select will fit the clearance in your garage door?  We have written an article on this very subject – How to Measure for a Garage Door. This article explains the headroom needed for a new garage door opener.


After a garage door was measured, two garage door technicians Installing an Overhead Door Company of Huntsville™ Garage Door Operator/Opener. First the garage was measured to get the perfect fit fo the customers garage door.

Electronic Reversing System is a Must

Garage Door Openers are required to have electronic reversing systems and the accompanying sensors at the base of the door.

National standards were established in 1992.

If your opener dates before 1992, or your sensors are not properly mounted, your opener could be deemed “non-compliant” and subject you to significant liability should an accident occur.

Non-compliance has implications for the homeowner.

• Repairs to these machines cannot be completed. By law, service companies are prevented from maintaining these dangerous “non-compliant” openers. The standards encourage homeowners to replace these unsafe machines as soon as possible.

• By operating such an outdated opener, you face a significant legal liability by continuing to operate a garage door opener without the electronic reversing system. Serious injuries and deaths have occurred due to garage doors crushing down instead of automatically going back up when something is detected in its path.

The safety sensors must be installed properly for your opener to be in compliance.

• The sensors should be mounted 6” off the floor on each side of the door. Make sure these sensors are cleaned and aligned with each other. Cobwebs, leaves and dirt can prevent the sensors from operating properly.

• If the safety eyes are not present, the opener does not meet UL 325 compliance.


If you’re looking for affordable and low maintenance garage door openers  for your home, look no further than Overhead Door™. We proudly offer chain drive, belt drive and jackshaft residential garage door openers for the Huntsville metro area.

Learn More About Our Garage Door Openers 

Don’t let your garage door problem take your life off track

A garage door opener is an important feature of any garage door.

While it is not responsible for the actual lifting of your heavy garage door because that is the purpose of the springs, the opener serves as its control mechanism for opening and closing and thus provides additional security to your home and garage. A garage door opener is technically a motorized, complex mechanism that can be connected to a switch on the garage wall or operated with remote control.

How It Works

Visit our DIY Garage Door Guide

From the simplest to the most complex garage door problems, this guide will help. It will walk you through garage door troubleshooting to reveal solutions for the most common garage door malfunctions. You’ll understand the difference between simple solutions and complex problems with your garage door hardware and machinery.

Visit our troubleshooting page to learn more. 

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Contact our office

Discuss your garage door opener concerns with us. With the amount of usage your doors get daily, you know that one day it will need a helping hand. We will be happy to place you on our schedule. Most of the time we can offer same-day-services. At this time we will discuss pricing on operators available through us for purchase.

If you have a garage door opener that you feel might not be repairable, please take the time to discuss with us your options prior to scheduling a service technician.

Please note it’s not cost effective to repair an opener/motor over 15 years old when the cost to repair exceeds the cost to replace.  If you own a garage door opener that’s more than 15 years old —and especially a pre-1993 version—then you’ll be interested in learning more about the benefits a replacement can provide. We do not make opener repairs on anything over 15 years old. 

Each of our technicians carries an assortment of garage door openers on their service trucks. We always have in-stock garage door openers. We also special order any garage door opener that we might not have available in our inventory.

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Your repair team will arrive on time and ready to begin your project. After your garage door operator repair, your team will clean up your garage, driveway, and any other part of your home that was affected. At this time we will ask you to pay for any outstanding balance you will have with us.

Repairman getting tools ready for a garage door opener repair. He is wearing a blue jumpsuit and black gloves.
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 Overhead Door Company of Huntsville™ boasts one of the largest residential product lines in the industry, with plenty of options to customize your garage door in North Alabama.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with your purchase. After you’ve selected your garage door, our trained and certified team of garage door technicians provide a careful, courteous, and detail-oriented installation experience.

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