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Discover top-tier electric garage door opener installation and replacement services across Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur and surrounding metro areas. Since 1968, Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™ has been a leading provider, featuring IN-STOCK operators and cutting-edge technology.

As the region’s sole authorized Overhead Door™ Brand distributor, we ensure each installation meets the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Did you know the Overhead Door Company was the pioneer behind the first garage door opener in 1926?

Catering to Every Need

  • Homeowners and Landlords: Upgrade or replace your existing garage door openers with the latest technology for enhanced functionality and security.
  • New Construction: We ensure seamless integration of garage door openers into new homes.
  • Builders: Contact us for exclusive quotes on incorporating our top-quality garage doors and openers into your projects.
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Key Features to Consider for
Your New Garage Door Opener

Smart Features

WiFi Connectivity:
Operate your garage door remotely using your smartphone.

Security Alerts:
Receive notifications if your garage door remains open, enhancing home security.

Remote Control Options

Explore various control methods, including traditional remotes, external keypads, and smartphone apps for accessibility and convenience.

Drive Style Options 

Chain Drive:
Reliable and economical, suitable for most doors but may be noisy.

Belt Drive:
Provides a quieter operation, perfect for garages adjacent to living areas.

Learn More About Our In-Stock Drive Style Options for Garage Door Openers 

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Capacity Requirements

While you might be tempted to buy a garage door opener with a higher horsepower rating, it’s important to consider whether this is truly necessary or beneficial. An essential factor to remember is that the right balance and modern features of your garage setup are more crucial than merely having a powerful motor. Ensuring your garage door is properly synchronized and balanced often outweighs the advantages of increased horsepower.

Maintenance Needs

To save time and money in the long run, opt for models that are easy to maintain and require fewer repairs.

Our Brand Reputation

Since 1921, we have been at the forefront of the industry, offering an extensive range of residential, commercial, and dock systems. Our comprehensive solutions cater to all your home or business needs, providing a one-stop solution for any setting. Sales, service and installations. Now that’s a history you can count on! Overhead Door™ Brand has been serving North Alabama since 1968.

Garage Door Spring Repair. An Overhead Door Company of Huntsville technician makes sure the garage door repair is fixed quickly.
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Helpful Information

Stay Connected Anywhere

Optional: Wi-fi and Smartphone Control Capabilities
Based on model number chosen for your garage door operational needs and requirements.

With OHD Anywhere® connectivity, our products offer the convenience of smartphone control. Whether you’re away from home or just inside, you can easily check if the garage door is open and close it with a simple tap. Pair OHDAnywhere® with our partner platforms to create a seamless Smart Home Ecosystem!

Integration with Alexa and Google: Overhead Door’s smart openers are compatible with Alexa and Google, allowing you to operate your garage door using voice commands.

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OHD Anywhere® FAQs

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OHD Anywhere® Compatibility Guide

Smart Home Innovations with Our Garage Door Openers 


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How to Prepare Your
Garage for a
New Garage Door
Opener Installation

Important Installation Requirements

For a smooth and efficient installation of your new garage door opener, the following steps are mandatory and must be completed before our technician’s arrival:

Clear the Area: Ensure that the area around your garage door is free of vehicles, tools, or any other items. Clearing this space is essential for providing our installer with unobstructed access and sufficient room to work safely, while also protecting your belongings from potential dust and debris. This step is crucial for the installation of your new garage door opener and is required to ensure the safety of our technicians. If you have any questions or need assistance with this preparation, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Check the Power Source: Verify that there is an adequate electrical outlet within reach of the garage door opener’s motor. Most openers need a standard 110-volt outlet. If the nearest outlet is too far away or if you do not have an appropriate power source, you may need to have one installed by a licensed electrician before your installation appointment.

Secure Loose Items: If you have shelves or storage near the garage door, secure any loose items that could fall during the installation. The movement of ladders and tools can sometimes jostle unsecured items, posing a risk.



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Inspect the Garage Door: Give your existing garage door a quick inspection to identify any potential issues that might complicate the opener installation. Look for damaged panels, poor lubrication, or worn-out springs. Addressing these issues with your technician beforehand would be beneficial.

Discuss Access with Installer: If you won’t be home during the installation, make sure to discuss how the installer will access your garage. This information will be required at the time you schedule your appointment. If you are a landlord, please let us know at the time you schedule your installation who, or how payment will be made. If you are a tenant, please confirm all necessary payments with your landlord.  Our technicians will give you a thirty minute notice before arriving at your home.

The following steps are recommended to enhance your installation experience:

Review Safety Measures:  Keep children and pets away from the garage during the process to prevent accidents.

Prepare Questions: Have a list of questions ready for the installer if you have any concerns or need clarification about the operation and maintenance of your new garage door opener.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We look forward to providing you with a smooth installation process. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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When it comes to garage safety, you are the key.

Safety should be your primary concern when selecting a garage door opener. According to statistics from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), in 2019 alone, approximately 15,000 individuals sustained injuries related to garage doors. Many of these injuries, including those from falling doors and do-it-yourself installation mishaps, highlight the critical importance of professional installation and maintenance for your garage door systems.

In compliance with U.S. Federal Law UL 325, all garage door openers must include safety mechanisms such as sensors, the most commonly used safety tools. This requirement has been in effect since the early 1990s, ensuring all garage doors are equipped with sensors to comply with federal regulations.

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Red Banner Logo for the Original Overhead Door Company since 1921. This is the 100 year for Overhead Door Company of Huntsville.