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Bottom Sensing Edges in North Alabama

Bottom Sensing Edges by Overhead Door Company of Huntsville™

Reliable safety.

Bottom Sensing Edges

Safely Sensing Edge 

Keep your site safe with our reliable, automatic-reversing bottom edges, available for RSX, RMX, and RHX door operators. Bottom Sensing Edges are devices that detect obstructions and ensure your doors open and close safely. The Safety Sensing Edge makes so much sense in regards to convenience and safety that our customers automatically see this entrapment protection as a must-have for their motor-operated doors.

The Sensing Edges are made from two completely flexible, conductive contact elements separated by perforated foam. They are attached to the leading edge of motor-driven doors and are electrically activated to auto-reverse or auto stop when the soft foam cushion inside the Sensing Edge compresses, causing the internal contacts to meet and immediately send an electrical signal to stop or reverse the motor.

As an added feature, the sensing edge provides a secure, weather-tight seal and conforms to the floor surface.

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