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Commercial Overhead Door™ Garage Doors

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The ONLY AUTHORIZED commercial Overhead Door™ brand provider in North Alabama

Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™ is the number one choice for commercial door needs.

Industrial and commercial doors are a building’s gateway for raw materials and finished goods, making industrial entrance doors key in the efficient flow of your business. We help you move and protect your assets and the people who handle them.

Because every building and every business is unique, our commercial door systems can be customized and adapted to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of products, from insulated metal doors to unique fabric doors.

Overhead Door’s commercial and industrial doors are the premier choice for durability, serviceability, and hassle-free performance. Whatever your requirements, we have an overhead door to suit the needs of your business.


Aluminum-Model 511-1 Commercial Overhead Garage Door Installed. The structure is a beautiful fire station with four aluminum garage doors. It's a beautiful summer day with blue skies in Madison Alabama. The door was installed with precision. The door is american made.

Commercial & Residential Architects

Architect’s Corner, a resource for commercial and residential architects, contains comprehensive technical and resource materials to support your project, including drawings for installing garage doors. Simply select the specific residential or commercial application or product that suits your construction or remodeling project, and you’re just clicks away from downloading specifications to your desktop.

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The Original. The Overhead Door™. Since 1921. 

Whether you’re replacing existing commercial doors or starting new construction, we can review architectural plans and specifications to select the correct products for your immediate and long-term requirements.

We know that our success is based on providing our loyal customers with superior garage door systems and exceptional customer service. We are proud of our word-of-mouth reputation and our team of highly skilled technicians who make it happen.

Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™ understands that commercial doors and an efficient dock operation are vital parts of your business. We sell, service, and install a complete selection of quality Overhead Door™ commercial doors, operators, hollow metal steel man doors, and dock equipment. All commercial technicians are OSHA 10 Safety Certified.

Commercial technician form Overhead Door of Huntsville talking on the phone at one of the commercial door sites. He is discussing the commercial garage door products needed for a repair to be made.

Types of Commercial Overhead Industrial Doors

When you think of garage doors, what comes to mind? Most people associate garage doors with residential use, safeguarding homes and belongings. However, it’s worth noting that garage doors play a crucial role in various businesses as well.

Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™ offers a diverse range of commercial garage door solutions tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Our doors serve purposes beyond just accommodating vehicles, although we do offer options for those needing larger door sizes for trucks or equipment.

Commercial garage doors can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and your choice should align with your intended purpose and frequency of use. Here are some of the different types of commercial garage door options we provide:

INSULATED GARAGE DOORS Whether you need to maintain a specific temperature, keeping cold air in or out, you require a door that can effectively regulate the climate. A standard garage door won’t suffice. That’s where we step in! Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™ offers insulated commercial garage doors designed to minimize heat loss. These doors are ideal for places with fluctuating temperatures on either side and are an energy-efficient choice for businesses.

SECURITY DOORS Despite their name, garage doors have applications beyond garages. Commercial garage doors can enhance security for businesses in various ways. Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™ offers multiple security options tailored to your specific needs.

For businesses with high foot traffic that seek an extra layer of security during non-operational hours, we recommend security shutters or security grilles. Both options are user-friendly and provide peace of mind knowing your establishment is secure.

Counter doors are another excellent security solution, providing protection for smaller spaces like food stands or ticket booths. They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of business types.


Your commercial garage door should seamlessly fit both your business and its environment. Whether you require a door capable of withstanding unpredictable weather or one that allows ample natural light even when closed, Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™ offers various materials and commercial garage door options to choose from.

If you’re seeking a versatile door that’s easy to operate and lets in plenty of light, even when closed, our aluminum glass doors could be the perfect solution. For businesses located in areas prone to strong winds, our wind load doors are an excellent choice.

The location of your business and its specific needs will influence the type of commercial garage door that suits you best. At Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™, we provide consultations to help you determine the ideal garage door for your business.


Are you considering a new commercial garage door? Contact us today! Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™ is here to provide expert guidance on selecting the right commercial garage door for your needs. Give us a call or explore our range of commercial garage door options here on our website!

Commercial garage doors come in various shapes and materials, tailored to their intended use. Whether it’s security, insulation, or any other requirement, you deserve a garage door that meets your needs and keeps your business running smoothly. That’s why we offer installation and maintenance services to ensure your door functions reliably day in and day out.

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We take great pride in being an authorized distributor of Overhead Door™ commercial and industrial products, which are renowned for their exceptional durability, ease of maintenance, and reliable performance. Whether you require rolling sheet doors or high-speed fabric doors, we offer a comprehensive selection of products tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

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RapidFlex991-Gray door by Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama. The door is made of rubber with a black barrel at the top. There is a window in the middle. It is located in a commercial building in Madison, Alabama.

Whether you’re looking for a garage door repair or an entirely new commercial garage door in North Alabama, we’ve got you covered.

Commercial Garage Door Technician dressed in safety vest doing annual maintenance inspection

Experience Personalized Service.

Before we do anything else, we’ll first get to know you, your needs, and your budget. We promise to never sell you anything you don’t need or pressure you in any way. Because we understand the best way to run a successful business is doing it with integrity.

Commercial Service Team preparing to inspect a commercial job

Discover Creative Solutions.

Designing the right door systems in initial construction is important to achieving your goals in a new or remodeled facility. We’ll determine your concerns, assess your space, take measurements, and make recommendations on the garage door that will best fit your needs and budget. Timely and professional repair services minimize downtime. We stand ready to provide the design, installation, maintenance, and repair services to keep your building up and running.

Aluminum-Model 521-Black powdercoat Commercial overhead garage door installed on an old building downtown. The door is very tall and black in color.

Make Your Decision.

As a facility manager or business owner, you know what it means to watch the bottom line on your expenditures for the maintenance of your commercial doors. This means finding the door or doors most dependable, durable, economical, and efficient for your commercial and industrial door needs along with a company that can service and stand behind its product. We’ll give you all the resources you need to make your decision and answer all questions you have about your existing or new garage door.

Overehead Door Technician wearing a bright orange vest shakes had with commercial door architect from the area

Your Safety & Satisfaction is Our Priority

Customize options to create the ideal service door for your operation’s unique needs.

With Safety and Security as the main focus of our commercial door and operator system, Overhead Door™ products make operating your facility safer and easier. Our products are manufactured to give you durable, long-lasting performance for years of extended use and trouble-free operation. Each product, from residential to industrial to commercial applications, is backed by knowledgeable and professional customer support for troubleshooting and answers to your questions.

Moving raw materials in or finished goods out, utilizing safe and efficient loading dock equipment can make a huge difference in productivity and success. Overhead Door™ entrance systems offer a complete line of shipping dock equipment, including dock levelers, vehicle restraints, dock seals & shelters.

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Overehead Door Technician wearing a bright orange vest shakes had with commercial door architect from the area

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