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The Overhead Door Company™ has been serving the Huntsville and surrounding areas for over 50+ years -  locally owned and operated by the Warren Family since 2004. The Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™ is the only garage door company within Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur and surrounding North Alabama areas with hundreds of thousands of satisfied Overhead Door Company™ customers for over five decades. We are licensed and insured. As the only local authorized Overhead Door Company™ in North Alabama, we offer only the best garage door repair and service with the products you want and the safety you need.

The Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™ is committed to bringing you the best in residential garage doors and services,  commercial doors and services, garage door openersaccessories, and repairs. We also offer loading dock equipment for your commercial and industrial applications with repairs always available. 

We have the door to fit your style, your budget, and your needs. Whether you need a stylish new garage door for your home, a more energy-efficient commercial door for your business, or a better-integrated door system for your industrial application, Overhead Door™ has the products to keep you up and running.

We have a long history here in North Alabama.  We are proud to call ourselves a local distributor of The Genuine. The Original. Overhead Door Company™.

Serving:   Huntsville, Athens, Madison, Decatur, Harvest, Hazel Green, Meridianville, Gurley, Toney, and the surrounding metro areas. Please give us a call to verify our service area. Residential and Commercial Service Areas may vary. 

If a company does not display the Red Ribbon logo on their advertising, building, trucks or uniforms, you are not dealing with an authorized distributor of Overhead Door™ products.


The History of the Garage Door and Opener

Almost 100 years ago The Overhead Door Corporation created the garage door industry growing to over 450 distributors nationwide.

Overhead Door™ is the lone innovator in the overhead door business. In 1921, we were the first to patent and sell the first overhead door. In 1927, we were the first to patent and sell an automated overhead door opener.


The 1920s: The birth of the home garage. 

• On Aug. 1, Owen L. Dautrick, who was a superintendent at a Detroit lumber company in 1920, applies for a U.S. patent for an “invention relating to garage doors, and has special reference to that type of building door which is bodily raised and placed in a horizontal overhead position.” The patent application identifies Dautrick as the “inventor” and C.G. Johnson as a “witness” to the application.

• Dautrick Johnson Mfg. Co. is set up at 5065 Rohns Avenue in Detroit to manufacture and sell overhead doors to be used on garages and other buildings. The original factory in 1921 was a two-story, 1,000-sq.-ft. barn in Detroit with a production capacity of one hand-built door per day. 

• On Oct. 16, 1922,  Owen L. Dautrick, C.G. Johnson, and Arthur Kraska apply for a U.S. patent for “certain new and useful improvements in overhead doors.” All three are identified as the “inventor,” while Forest McKee is a witness. 

• C.G. Johnson changed the course of the garage door's place in our history. After acquiring a patent, Johnson took this invention and traveled across the Midwest with a small prototype mounted to the back of his Model T, promoting and sharing at county fairs and countless small towns all while signing up distributors. Johnson, and his wife, Flora, hit the road at the beginning of 1923. Johnson was ahead of his time by using sales tactics such as customer coupons and bulletins to share the news about his innovative garage door while creating customer awareness.

America was ready for the message and the product being shared.  Our founder, C.G. Johnson, was a true innovator and clever entrepreneur. He recognized the problem of his day and came up with the most ingenious solution: The Original Overhead Door. Johnson then leveraged these innovations into a business and a brand that quickly​ gained a reputation for quality, service and integrity. He was so successful that he was unable to build and install overhead doors for such a large area. Instead, he franchised the territorial rights to manufacture and sell the doors to independent operators across the country.

In 1923 the headquarters were moved to Hartford City and the business was incorporated in Indiana.  These inventions created the foundation for C.G. Johnson's well-respected enterprise that would be become known as The Overhead Door Corporation. 

• In April 1924 the 200,000-square-foot facility was completed and Overhead Door relocated its primary manufacturing operation from Detroit to Hartford City. During the first few years at Hartford City, Johnson made constant improvements to his overhead door: adding new hinges, rollers, a channel track and a patented wedge closure system to create a weather-tight seal.

• In 1926, Johnson invented the first electric garage door opener with Herbert Cady Blodgett and together they formed the Door Control Company in Hartford City, Indiana, later adopting the name Overhead Door Company of Hartford City. 

Johnson is credited with inventing the first upward-acting overhead garage door in 1921 and the garage door opener in 1926.  His concept was both elegant and functional and only required a simple demonstration to sell it.   Some would describe C.G. Johnson as the "father" of the garage door industry. Almost 100 years later, the Overhead Door™ brand is continuing the innovative legacy set forth by Johnson.




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