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When Should I Call for a Garage Door Repair

Common Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Professional

Troubleshooting DIY / June 21, 2021
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With age and use, your garage door will eventually behave differently. Minor inconveniences such as shaking or operational issues should not be disregarded as a natural part of your garage door’s lifecycle. Such changes are signs that your garage door requires repair or replacement.

Minor nuisances with your door can be signs of greater issues, such as a broken garage door spring or operator mechanical failure. If something seems off about your door, it’s best to get an inspection; better safe than sorry.


There Are Unusual Noises

If oil or lubricant does not take care of persistent creaking, squealing, or crunching sounds, then something is most likely wrong with your door. Typically this is because of a malfunctioning part that needs replacement.

Your Door Opens Differently

Your door may be opening slower than it used to; this is not because your door is getting older. If your door is opening lopsided, at a different speed, or with a delay, then an inspection should occur before this trivial occurrence escalates into a severe issue.

Can You See Visual Issues?

Garage Door Spring is Broken >
Garage Door is Off Track >
Garage Door Rollers Worn Down
Garage Door is Making Noises >
Broken Hardware
Damaged Weatherstripping
Bent Door Tracks >
Damaged or Broken Cables
Malfunctioning Photo-Eyes >
Remote Control Not Working
Keypad Not Working
Garage Door Panel Damaged
Garage Door is Unbalanced >
Garage Door Won’t Close >
Garage Door Won’t Open >

There Hasn’t Been a Recent Inspection

Inspections can prevent issues and save money by fixing minor problems before they become major ones. For example, replacing a spring will be much cheaper than replacing a door that collapsed onto the floor. In addition, a professional could notice an irregularity in your door that you never questioned.


Should I Wait to See
If the Issue Gets Worse?

Although the idea of getting an inspection can cause angst, putting it off may only make matters worse.

Additional Damage Could Occur

Given the amount of  heavy moving pieces involved in opening and closing a garage door, there are many opportunities for damage to spread on both the garage door, the garage door operator, and the property surrounding it. Springs under large amounts of tension in the door opener could become loose and scatter in various directions. The garage door opener itself could come loose and land on a car parked below it.

Your Door Could Become a Hazard

Without a proper inspection of your garage door’s unknown issue, anything could happen. A shaky garage door could foreshadow a severe accident. Careless children, innocent pets, or adults in a rush may end up crushed under the heavy weight of a malfunctioning garage door.

The Cost of a Minor Repair Could Escalate Quickly 

Minor repairs are much cheaper than major repairs. What might appear as simple as a strange sound may suddenly change to a considerable malfunction of the operational parts or components that make up a garage door system.


Your Garage Door Might Not Work When It’s Most Needed

A minor issue with your door could escalate if ignored. What starts as an annoying sound could quickly turn into a broken motor. To make matters worse, this could happen at any given moment, making you or someone else living with you late to work, school, or an important meeting.

A Garage Door Not Working Might Cause Security Issues 

A garage can store thousands of dollars of tools and personal belongings. Garage security can be significantly compromised if not working properly.


For Your Peace of Mind 

Unusual noises and movements with your garage door may seem like no big deal at first, but understanding they can soon turn into more dangerous and costly problems if they’re not dealt with promptly is essential. Whether it’s replacing a garage door, garage door opener, or its moving parts, or simply taking the time to conduct a safety inspection for your peace of mind, there’s absolutely no job too large or small for Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™.

A garage door will do its job day after day. Up and down, up and down – until one day the door will stop working the way it should. Being aware of a garage door’s daily sounds and functions can save you money if caught before a major repair is needed. Sometimes, though, even a reliable garage door might have reached its lifespan, and a major repair or replacement might be needed.


Overhead Door Company of Huntsville/North Alabama™
Puts Your Safety and Security First! 

We never use contract technicians, never inviting a total stranger into your home.  When you choose Overhead Door Company of Huntsville™ for garage door service and repairs,  be assured you are receiving our trademark of excellent service and products.


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